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Macaperu is a 4:1 Maca extract that is derived from a freeze-drying technique. This extraction technique doesn’t affect the nutrients in Maca, as it lacks high temperatures and degrading materials for extraction. As a result, the constituents retain their integrity and efficacy. The end product is a starch-free and powerful extract that stands out from the others on the market.


Benefits of Peruvian Maca


Chief among the effects of Maca is the optimizing endocrine function. The endocrine system includes all of the glands and the hormones they secrete that control such things as fertility, sexual function, digestion, brain and nervous system physiology, and energy levels. Hormonal regulation is responsible for all of the physiological attributes that enable us to enjoy the myriad sensations of being vibrantly alive, including those related to sexual arousal, physical activity and mental-emotional states of being.


Maca root has also been called an adaptogen, which means that it increases the body’s resiliency to stress. It is believed it achieves this by supporting adrenal and pituitary gland health, both of which underlie proper endocrine function.


How Can Maca Benefit You?


  • Increases energy/stamina
  • May help with sexual stimulation/libido
  • Fertility enhancement
  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Balance hormones
  • SSRI Sexual Dysfunction relief



  • Can help treat PMS symptoms
  • May help menopause symptom relief
  • May help with sexual stimulation/libido
  • Can be a part of HRT alternative (Hormone Replacement Therapy)
  • Increases stamina/energy levels
  • Can aid in balancing hormones
  • SSRI Sexual Dysfunction relief


Dosage: Adults take one capsule daily with meal.


NPN: 80032274

Macaperu (60 caps)

  • Per capsule: 

    Wild Peruvian Maca Root Ext./ Lepidium Meyenii (4:1) 750 mg
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